About Us


 We are not really Sisters…

… just best friends – Debbie & Eryn – with a weakness for a good cocktail. Tequila gets us into some crazy scenarios, so "Two Tequila Sisters" was a fitting name for our business. 


Two Tequila Sisters is a Houston-based company that specializes in one of a kind denim jackets and vests. Each coat is a unique, handmade work of art. Edgy skulls, ethnic florals, tribal trims, sports teams, school motifs, ranch logos ... the possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

We love to travel and shop for unique fabrics and trims. Every vacation will include at least one long, hot day at a Mercado.  We love the vibrant colors and patterns in Latino textiles, so our designs often contain fabrics and trims from our visits to Guatemala and Oaxaca, Mexico.  We also adore a cool skull so many of our favorite designs are embellished Sugar Skulls.

The majority of our work is custom designs, which we create alongside our clients. Have a design in mind? We can make it. We have made denim pieces featuring high school logos, college logos, professional football, basketball and baseball teams, ranch logos, pets, horses, spiders, white denim for brides, best friend jackets, large monogram jackets, American Indian-themed jackets, rock bands, and more … much more. We’ve designed a coat for a client using her dad’s neckties, and we’ve even recreated a client’s tattoo on denim. If you can think it (after a drink, of course), we can make it.


Every Two Tequila Sisters jacket has a tiny worry doll hidden in the breast pocket. Worry dolls, according to Guatemalan legend, are given to sorrowful children so they can tell the doll all of their fears and worries. They place the doll under their pillow, and in the morning the doll has taken their worries away. Bad vibes be gone! It's all about no worries in your Two Tequila Sisters jacket. 


*Two Tequila Sisters creations and designs are not affiliated or associated with the original copyright owner*